An Introduction to Amazon Herb Company’s  Rainforest BioEnergetics®

A Shipbo curandera (traditional folk healer or shaman) sings in reverence to the plants in the forest

Liquizons The super-concentrated, alcohol-free “liquid botanicals” are carefully placed inside capsules made entirely of vegetable cellulose. The full spectrum of phytonutrients in each botanical is condensed into super-potent Liquizons™.


When you place a Liquizon™ in your mouth, you receive a complete profile of phytonutrients from the richest source of life on the planet – the Amazon Rainforest. As you swallow the Liquizon™, these phytonutrients become available for your body to use and feel the benefits of right away. Concentrated, all-natural phytochemistry means you get concentrated, all-natural results.

Liquizon™ capsule

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Photo: © Gregg Woodward

Rainforest BioEnergetic® Wild Food Advantage

Rainforest BioEnergetics® is a line of superlative nutritional products from made primarily from nutrient dense Rainforest botanicals, wild-crafted in the Amazon. Wild Food contains the innate intelligence it tool to survive in its natural environment, without the pampering of chemical fertilization or downsides of modern domesticated cultivation, such as harmful pesticides. The wild food advantage is typically missing from our modern diets. These outstanding nutritional products stemming from the richest most biologically active soils on our planet, provide vital nourishment essential to our health and vitality.

Rainforest BioEnergetic® Unique Spagyric Processing

Rainforest BioEnergetics® are remarkably dynamic energetically. Spagyric processing uniquely captures the essential nutritional components of the Wild Food Advantage through a special alchemical distillation process – originally developed in the 16th century by Paracelsus, traditionally regarded as the Father of Modern Medicine

The Spagyric extraction method is considered the most effective for retaining and concentrating all of a botanical’s important, interactive biological constituents. And though more time-consuming and costly that what other companies are willing to do, Amazon Herb Company has found the results to be well worth their time, effort  and expense.

What Can These Products Do For You?
  1. Metabolic & hormonal balancing

  2. Boost the immune system

  3. Reduce acidity, inflammation & pain

  4. Aid digestion & intestinal cleansing

  5. Skeletal & muscle support

  6. Remove toxins & purify the blood

  7. Lymphatic drainage

  8. Fortify internal organ function

  9. General recovery from poor health

  10. Increase energy, or effect calm

Results! What could be more paramount than getting bona-fide results? Unlike most nutritional supplements you will actually feel the difference in how your body responds.  You will genuinely notice the results as the products cleanse, balance and fortify your body

When taking these powerful formulas a perceivable surge of bio-available nutrition occurs that will energetically activate and support your body’s Living Systems – perhaps unlike anything you have ever experienced.

Why Rainforest Plants?

Rainforest plants have been utilized for centuries by the Indigenous Inhabitants of the Amazon. These groups do not typically suffer from the same degenerative diseases that plague modern Western societies. Contemporary scientific studies continue to affirm the efficacy of these remarkably therapeutic plants.

Of the estimated 400,000 species of plants in the Amazon merely 1% has been researched, yet from this relatively small percentage comes nearly 40% of all modern medicine!

Most modern medicines and commercial supplements have been made using fractionalized derivatives or synthetic replacements that are generally less effective,

Amazon John Easterling inspects a Graviola

harvest with a Rainforest partner.

and all too often produce undesirable side-effects. Wild plant-based medicinal foods are most effective when kept whole, retaining all the sympathetic elements.

“There is a link between the ingestion of certain nutrients or dietary supplements and the prevention of chronic disease such as cancer, heart disease, and osteoporosis.”

~ Findings of the Congress Dietary Supplemental Health & Education Act of 1994

(DSHEA) Public Law 103-417, 103rd Congress